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TUF-Line: Braid is ‘specifically engineered’ for slow pitch jigging


TUF-Line – the American manufacturer of premium lines for over 80 years – will be introducing the Blue Water SPJ Braid at ICAST later this month.

The newcomer to the ranks is a braid that has been specifically engineered for slow pitch jigging (SPJ). It recognises the unique demands of the technique’s presentation, creating an extremely thin, strong and sensitive line that links angler, jig and fish.

Wound with Close Angle Braid Technology using micro polyethylene fibres, the eight-carrier braid maximises lure control by reducing the ability of the wind and multi-layered ocean currents to create slack or to sweep the jig out of the strike zone.

At the same time, the no-stretch Blue Water SPJ Braid is exceptionally strong – with the highest strength-to-weight ratio in its class – delivering superior tensile and knot strength to win battles with saltwater giants.

The braid is also colour-metered in 25ft increments to help anglers achieve precision depth control and – thanks to TUF-Line’s proprietary coating process and Tension Lock Technology – has ‘outstanding’ abrasion resistance, ‘extraordinary’ sensitivity and manageability and ‘incredible’ colour-fastness that won’t fade or bleed.

ICAST booth no.223
T: +1 305 925 9972

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