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Spanish supplier Cinnetic introduces ‘industry first’ material in its eco-spools


Cinnetic of Spain is putting environmental concerns at the heart of its business, including the spools and packaging of its latest lines. “We are looking at how we can collaborate with nature through the delivery of more sustainable products,” the company has told Angling International.

Cinnetic’s commitment stretches across the business and involves decisions about everything from the energy company which provides the electricity right up to how Cinnetic’s products are delivered to its customers.

One of the tangible examples of its sustainability drive can be seen in its latest line offerings which have eco-friendly spools and packaging. They are featured in its new Raybraid, Skyline, Rayline, Sky Leader and Mimetic launches.

Cinnetic has replaced plastic on the packaging with a Die-Cut biodegradable cardboard and the inner plastic spool with what is believed to be a first in the recreational fishing sector: PLA. Brand manager Joan Barnola explained: “PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a natural product that is made of corn starch. It boasts a similar strength to plastic and is perfect for spooling line. After use it can be placed into an organic container to be disposed of at an industrial composting plant. We are reviewing all our ranges and processes, looking at what other products and packaging can be replaced by PLA and Die-Cut cardboard.”

Barnola added that the Cinnetic eco-friendly journey started gathering pace five years ago. “Since then we have become more aware of how climate change is affecting the Earth and looking at how we can collaborate with nature through the delivery of more sustainable products. Our target is to place environmental awareness at the core of all the decisions we make. This can include the choice of factories that we work with. We endeavour to apply this from the very beginning of the development stage.

“Quality and sustainability are two different but very important concepts, which must coexist. It is true that on many occasions this is a very tough job because many of the materials used in the fishing tackle industry are very difficult to replace.”

An important plank in its sustainability efforts is ensuring a long life for its products. Cinnetic explains: “We try to deliver durable and robust products that do not age prematurely and generate additional waste. We have always had a complete workshop and after-sales department with an abundance of spare parts which helps to extend the useful life of our products as well as instil confidence among anglers in the Cinnetic brand and its line-up at the same time.”


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