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Simon Henton set to join Abramis


Well known industry figure Simon Henton, who announced his resignation from Zebco Europe in April, is set to join Polish tackle supplier Abramis.

He will join the company on September 1st and will assist with its sales growth and business development. Explaining his decision, Henton said: “In many ways Abramis reminded me of Zebco when I joined it. Similar in size, it faces the challenges of moving to a consumer pull model, is expanding rapidly outside its home market and has the requirement to establish an international marketing structure.

“These are all areas where I knew I could help in a positive way. However, apart from a great fit between my skill-set and the company’s requirements, it was the ownership and management team that convinced me I am going to the right place.

‘The passion, honesty and desire to deliver its ambitions really got me very excited. I leave behind at Zebco some wonderful memories and many friends. It has possibly been the most enjoyable role of my career so far, but I truly believe that the coming challenge at Abramis can be even more rewarding.”

Picture: Andrzej Maślak (left), co-owner of Abramis, welcomes Simon Henton to the company.

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