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Hookup Lures moves into trolling head market


Thirty-year-old Florida manufacturer Hookup Lures has moved into the trolling head market with a range of new designs.

“Hookup has a long history of making jigs and bucktails and we wanted to expand that into the trolling head market with a premium product that gives shops a lot of options for customisation,” said company owner Val Osiniski.

Included in the selection being offered by Hookup are bullet heads, jet heads, slant heads, round heads and chug heads in a choice of sizes. They will be available to shops and anglers who prefer to make their own rigs, or pre-rigged with a squid body.

“You really don’t see these in the shops right now,” added Kosinski. “I spend half the year in the Florida Keys where we do a ton of trolling and you just can’t buy heads like this, either rigged or unrigged.”

Standard sizes are available, while custom designs and dimensions can be supplied on request.

Hookup Lures is located in Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

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