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Larimer takes fly fishing know-how to St. Croix


Tom Larimer, former National Sales Manager for G. Loomis, has joined St. Croix Rods as Fly Fishing Brand Manager. His role will be to help drive ‘a focused expansion into fly fishing.’

Larimer has spent 25 years in the fly fishing industry. He started in retail while still at school and began his own guiding business aged 22, working in Alaska, Michigan and Columbia Gorge between Washington State and Oregon.

He started Larimer Outfitters in 2006, before joining G. Loomis in 2015. His first day at St. Croix will be May 18th.

“We are committed to handcrafting more and better tools for all anglers, and that requires a focused expansion into fly fishing,” said Jesse Simpkins, VP of Marketing at St. Croix. “Our technologies, materials, resources and Tom’s knowledge and expertise are already being leveraged to meet the needs of the fly fishing market in exciting new ways.”

Larimer, who has also been product designer and ambassador for several other prominent fly fishing companies, said: “The industry knows me as a fly angler because of my background, writing and teaching, but I love every style of fishing.

“I’ve always admired anglers who fish all disciplines and try to absorb information and experience from other aspects of the sport. St. Croix operates in that same way and is constantly looking to apply its experience and technology in new ways for the benefit of anglers.

“I like the longstanding tradition of continual improvement at Park Falls. Things are never good enough and there are always changes that can be made to improve experiences for the angler.”

Family-owned St. Croix Rods has been manufacturing for nearly 75 years and is the only major producer still building rods entirely from design through to manufacture.

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