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Deadly jigs designed for a greener future


By putting tungsten at the heart of the process, the product developers at predator specialist Westin have created two feature-packed jigs that create drama in the water while also preparing for a lead-free retail environment.

The impending threat of a lead ban in fishing holds little fear for predator specialist Westin. The highly-regarded Danish business has, with few exceptions, been lead-free in most of its lures for a decade. Now Westin is launching a range of tungsten baits and accessories for 2022 that promises to enhance the company’s already glowing reputation.

Headlining the range are the BladeBite Tungsten Bladed Jig and the DropBite Tungsten Spin Tail Jig, both excellent examples of Westin’s creative approach and attention to detail.

“The key to the BladeBite Tungsten Bladed Jig is its vibration and action, with a very subtle clicking sound that we have perfected down to the smallest detail,” says Westin Product Manager Elias Navelo. “A bladed jig works equally well in clear or stained water and is normally fished high up in the water column over grass, wood and rock structure, where the enticing action stimulates predators to strike.

“In pressured waters a bladed jig can be the difference between success or failure. Our custom-designed ‘stealth mode’ Viking blades are available in a choice of colours and give the perfect mix of erratic action and stealth presentation, making them hard for any predator to resist. You can feel the blade start to kick out an insane amount of vibration as soon as it hits the water.”

The BladeBite also embodies the sturdiness typical of Westin lures and necessary for catching large, aggressive predators. The blade is well secured with a solid oval ring, while another oval split ring has been added near the front of the bait for tying directly to a leader or for use with a wire trace. The blade is complemented by a hand-painted, detailed tungsten head with active eyes, a hand-tied silicone skirt, a trailer keeper system for good grip and less damage and a strong single hook. “Anglers should feel free to experiment by adding any soft lures as a trailer. Curltails, paddletails and creature baits work great and swim beautifully,” adds Narvelo.

The DropBite Tungsten Spin Tail Jig has been designed with long casting as the priority. “At Westin we love lures that are long casting and easy to fish,” says Narvelo. “And this hard nut casts a mile due to its fat, compact shape and tungsten body. Let it sink to the desired depth and fish it on a steady retrieve.”

The DropBite’s tungsten body is fixed directly into a custom-made Colorado spintail, making a hard diamond of a lure that Westin promises will stand the test of time. Due to this direct connection, the vibrations from the blade are amplified by the body, calling predators in from a distance. This extremely detailed lure can be fished in several ways and is recommended for all types of water, including deeper lakes and rivers, from shore or boat.

“Try jigging it along the bottom,” suggest Narvelo. “The blade will spin and vibrate even when the lure drops, triggering predators to strike. The DropBite can also be fished vertically right under the boat, simply fished up and down in the water column.”

Other features include an integrated ball bearing swivel, active eyes, hand-painted body and strong carbon steel hooks. “This is a versatile, long-casting lure that covers a lot of water with the most insane tight and erratic swimming action,” says Narvelo.

In addition to lures, Westin’s new tungsten range includes stick-shaped Add-It Dropshot Weights and Add-It Bullet Weights. Both are matt coated and have their weight printed on them for easy recognition, and the Bullet type has an internal tube to prevent line damage. Both shapes are available in five sizes from 3.5g to 14g. “The advantage of tungsten is that it has a higher density than lead so it is smaller,” says Navelo. “It is also harder than lead, which makes it easier to feel what kind of bottom structure you are fishing on.”

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