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Berkley Baits show their class in the heat of the battle


Berkley baits had good reason to celebrate after last weekend’s MLF REDCREST tournament. The Pure Fishing brand’s lures were used by anglers finishing first, seventh and eighth in a top quality field of bass anglers.

Berkley pro Bobby Lane put his faith in the Berkley Frittside, created by David Fritts, and was rewarded with a strong comeback performance on the final day to claim victory on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake.

With water temperatures in the high forties to low fifties, Lane made sure he had a plentiful supply of Frittsides on board, and it was the Frittside 5, a plastic flat-sided crankbait with a balsa action, that gave him the edge.

“The Berkley Frittside was the key to putting 99% of my fish in the boat. It’s an amazing bait to crank shallow rock and certainly saved the day for me on Grand Lake,” said Lane, who collected $300,00 in prize money.

A little further down the final leaderboard, Edwin Evers (7th) and Jordan Lee (8th) turned to the Berkley Stunna to help them into the money. The Stunna was designed by Berkley pro and Bassmaster Classic Champion Hank Cherry, who used it when winning his second Bassmaster Classic trophy, and put several other anglers in the running for the REDCREST title at the weekend.

The slow-sinking Stunna triggers bites from finicky fish and the tungsten weight transfer system allows for long casts, getting the bait to depths where fish typically don’t see a jerkbait, says Berkley.

“We spend countless hours in the Berkley lab using a scientific approach to build our baits,” says Dan Spengler, Berkley’s Senior Project Manager of Bait Development. “To watch the Frittside and the Stunna be such an imperative aspect of the equation for anglers winning big-time championship events really reflects what the Berkley team strives for.”

David Fritts, a former Bassmaster Classic winner, was inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame in 2019. The man fondly known as ‘the quarter back’ is renowned for his lure designs, not least The Dredger, one of his most popular creations.

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