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Rhino launches ‘dream come true’ first in trolling reels


Rhino has launched the world’s first trolling reel with a lever drag and line counter.

The Zebco Europe brand’s Wizard 420 LCLD is a ‘dream come true’ for trolling anglers,” says Managing Director Frerk Petersen. “It is surprising that no manufacturer has combined these two features in a trolling reel before now.”

Lever drag reels were considered the ultimate in the early years of trolling for sea trout and salmon, but many anglers switched to less powerful star drag reels with line counters because of the advantages they offered for some techniques.

But now anglers can have the best of both worlds in a reel that incorporates a unique trolling braking curve with an even drag pressure curve between free spool and maximum, a key advantage over conventional lever drag reels.

And instead of the usual ‘strike’ setting, the Wizard uses the largest possible pivoting range of the brake lever to enable extremely precise adjustment of the drag pressure.

“The combination of the lever drag with the line counter has long been a dream that has now come true,” says Petersen. “We didn’t take any chances. In a niche segment like trolling, it just has to be right. We have not tested any other reel as thoroughly as the Wizard 420 LCLD. Most of our pros fished for several days with the prototypes to catch salmon. Their verdict was clear – this is the best reel they could imagine.”

The Wizard 420 LCLD is initially available in the right-hand version preferred by trolling professionals and in the usual size for salmon, sea trout, cod or pike fishing. The line capacity is 320 metres of 0.45 line and the high ratio of 4.2:1 ensures a rapid line retrieve. The recommended retail price for the Rhino Wizard 420 LCLD is €159.95 (£149.95). It will be available at retailers from April.

The Rhino Trolling range is the only one in Europe specifically dedicated to trolling enthusiasts. It includes rods, reels, lures, bait systems and accessories.

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