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Tribute to József Markóczy – the man behind the Energofish success story


József Markóczy, the founder of Energofish Kft, which has become one of the most successful wholesalers of fishing tackle in central and eastern Europe over the last 30 years, has died at the age of 75.

Involved in the trade for over 50 years, he was born in the former Soviet Union in the western region of today’s Ukraine, and moved to Hungary in his early 20s to work in the steel industry.

His involvement in the industry started with a small fishing tackle retail shop, which grew rapidly thanks to his friendly attitude, close contacts in neighbouring countries and his ability to speak almost all Slavic languages. The success of his store enabled him to make many wholesale deals and establish an international company over the last three decades.

He was also well known throughout Europe and in China and the Far East. Following the change in the political system in Hungary, he was able to build a multi-national company in the country, which at the time was a true pioneering achievement and an example that was followed by many other businesses.

Istvan Pal, Managing Director of Energofish, said: “His vision has resulted in a company that provides a livelihood for nearly 130 people and their families. He was part of the business even in his last years and his commitment to the firm was part of our everyday life.

“His personality, and his encouraging and supportive behaviour, was a memorable example for all his colleagues. He was not only the founder and manager of the company, but also possessed a sensitive side and cared about deeper social problems,

“Throughout his life he had an unquenchable passion for fishing, which is why Energofish was founded. The name of the business came from a fusion of the energy that drove him from within and his passionate love of nature. His love for the River Tisza also led to the support of several competitions that encouraged young people living in difficult conditions to learn about fishing. His financial backing of these tournaments was key to the survival of the fishing profession.

“His passing has left all the employees of Energofish feeling a sincere deep pain. His memory will remain with us through the Markóczy Memorial Award, which he founded in honour of his colleagues who carry out outstanding work.

“Rest in peace, Boss.”

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