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Record funding approved for US outdoor recreational activities


The Fish and Wildlife Service has announced a record $1.5 billion in annual funding to support outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, in the US.

“Hunters, anglers and sportsmen and women have some of the deepest connections to nature. For 85 years the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) programme has been foundational to wildlife and habitat throughout this country,” said its Deputy Secretary Tommy Beaudreau. “With the historic investments from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and opportunities through the Great American Outdoors Act, these grants will make significant progress in our work to protect our cherished wild treasures.”

The WSFR programme apportions excise taxes on hunting, fishing and shooting equipment and boat fuel from all 50 states and US territories. The core objective is fostering cooperative partnerships between federal and state agencies, working alongside hunters, anglers and other outdoor interests to enhance recreational opportunities while advancing sustainable resource goals.

“Many Americans are unaware of the remarkable conservation impact of the WSFR programme,” said its Principal Deputy Director Martha Williams. “State wildlife agencies dedicate WSFR funds to a variety of conservation projects and programmes, such as hunting and fishing education, fish and wildlife management, scientific research, habitat restoration and protection, lands and water rights acquisition and hunting and boat access.

“Everyone benefits from these investments, which have ensured a legacy of wildlife and outdoor activities for all.”

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