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‘Big milestone’ for BUBBA as it enters fishing rod market


Describing it as a ‘big milestone’ for the company, US brand BUBBA has entered the fishing rod market with the launch of three inshore models.

The business – better known for its fishing knives and accessories – has marked its entry into a new sector with the Tidal, Tidal Select and Tidal Pro rods, which are now available through its website.

“This launch is a big milestone for BUBBA,” said Isaac Brizendine, Brand Manager at BUBBA. “We have taken very innovative strides in the fishing tools and cutlery category over the last two years and now we are applying that same dedication to quality and innovation to our new rods. Our goal was to find a way to get our iconic non-slip grip on a fishing rod as well as take our consumers completely from ‘Water to Plate’.

“The rods have evolved through many rounds of field testing with direct feedback from the BUBBA team of captains and guides, ensuring all design iterations are up to expectations for how they will be used by customers. Realising that there are a lot of really good competitors out there, we wanted to pack as much as possible into these rods without pricing them out of reach. We have also strived to build a product line-up that stays true to the BUBBA brand – one that benefits from the innovations we have developed from other products over the years.”

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