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Denmark sets up trade association for fishing tackle industry


A new trade association has been set up by the fishing tackle industry in Denmark.

While some European countries, including Germany and Italy, have discontinued their trade bodies in recent years, Denmark has launched the Danish Angling Association.

Founding members of the organisation include manufacturers, wholesalers, tackle shops, fishing guides, tourism companies, boat operators and NGOs (non-governmental organisations), who hope that their unified voice will have political impact.

The initiators of the idea have been lobbying for almost a year to bring the trade together, explained Chairman, Peter Lyngby, of Strip Strike Media. “We are overwhelmed by the initial support we have received from all branches of the angling trade in Denmark,” he said.

“Though we have only taken our first humble steps as an organisation, we feel this is a big leap for Danish angling. Everybody in the trade seems to have been waiting for a chance to unite and we have already lined up an ambitious array of projects supporting fish and anglers across Denmark.”

Pure Fishing is among the supporters of the association. “We cannot continue to develop and expand Danish angling without supporting fish populations and the environment,” said Christian Stenhild, the company’s Country Manager for Denmark.

Further support has come from the Danish Sportfishing Association, which represents the country’s anglers. “We welcome the new trade association and see important collaboration opportunities,” said Chairman, Torben Kaas.

“The sooner Danish politicians understand the trade, and the numbers and jobs involved, the better. A collaboration with the commercial part of the angling business will benefit our NGO when negotiating fish and angling politics.”

For more information contact info@dansklystfiskeri.dk or visit www.dansklystfiskeri.dk.

Pictured above are (from left to right) Gordon P. Henriksen (Megalops), Martin Hubert (Spar Shipping), Torben Kaas (Danish Sportfishing Association), Hanna Bossow Vestergaard (The Fly Company), Peter Lyngby (Strip Strike Media),  Claus Eriksen (Go Fishing) and Christen Stenild (Pure Fishing).

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