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Sébile offers investment opportunity in A Band of Anglers


Legendary lure angler and designer, Patrick Sébile, is offering a unique opportunity for investment in his company, A Band of Anglers (ABOA).

The winner of 24 major industry awards has launched an investment campaign via the online crowdfunding platform, StartEngine.

While a number of companies in the industry are funded by private equity groups, crowdfunding offers an alternative route to gaining investment, and ABOA’s move could be followed by others.

French born Sébile, now a US citizen living in Florida, created ABOA after leaving Pure Fishing in 2017. He began his career in 1976, working with Mepps and Mister Twister, and then came to the fore by creating Sebile Innovative Fishing in 2004, selling the business to Pure Fishing in 2010.

During his career he has amassed 43 different IGFA world records, appeared on nearly 200 magazine front covers, written seven books and featured on numerous TV shows.

ABOA’s brands include Engage, Ocean Born, Spooltek, Up ’N’ Down and Hyperlastics, with the latter’s Dartprop Pro SK winning best freshwater soft lure at ICAST in 2020. Since then, like most other manufacturers worldwide, ABOA has wrestled with the challenges presented by COVID, but Sébile reports good inventory for this year and is confident the business has a bright future.

“With $2.35 million in sales over the past three years and a product range already sold at some of the best retailers and distributors in the US, I firmly believe we have what it takes to become a renowned player in the industry in the years to come,” he said.

“We have made a very good launch in just a few days, raising more than six figures, and there are still 80 days of the campaign to go. I want to share ABOA with other like-minded people who love the sport. Opening it up to investors of all levels is a natural next step.”

StartEngine launched in 2015, offering investors equity in its projects. One of the investors behind StartEngine is Kevin O’Leary, known as Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s Shark Tank TV show.

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