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Band of Anglers promotes industry veteran Stockhaus


A Band of Anglers (ABOA), the Florida tackle company founded by legendary lure creator, Patrick Sébile, has promoted Barry Stockhaus to Executive Vice President of Sales.

Stockhaus, formerly General Sales Manager for ABOA, first worked with Sébile more than 25 years ago at the Mepps and Mister Twister brands. They were also colleagues at Sebile Fishing and Pure Fishing, and Stockhaus established Scandinavian brand, Westin, in the US before joining up again at ABOA in September 2020.

“Our goals of getting quality products into the hands of dealers and anglers is the same now as it was then,” said Stockhaus. “The challenges are very different today, but I look forward to them.

“Our products give us a real edge with consumers and we want to make sure that our dealer and distributor partners realise the benefits.”

Stockhaus will continue to lead the ABOA sales efforts across all brands with a focus on strengthening relationships with retailers, rep agencies and other stakeholders. He will also manage warehouse and shipping operations to ensure that ABOA products reach retailers and wholesalers as quickly as possible.

“Barry has done a spectacular job for us,” said Sébile. “He’s been instrumental in navigating the unprecedented marketing and logistical issues that our industry has been facing during the global pandemic. Barry met every challenge, and I’ve been extremely proud to work alongside him.”

ABOA’s brands include Engage, Hyperlastics, Ocean Born, Spooltek and Up ’N’ Down. It also distributes Xorus products in the Americas.

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