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New look Tacklestream platform from Angling International puts global consumers in reach


You can now work with Angling International to reach consumers online thanks to an innovative new subscription service launched this week – and all you need to do is provide details of new products.

Angling International’s product listing website, Tacklestream, now showcases tackle to global anglers and is also a launchpad to sell e-newsletter subscriptions for exclusive content. As an extra incentive to subscribe, anglers will also be entered into weekly prize draws online to win tackle.

“We think it is an irresistible online package for anglers,” said Angling International owner and International Sales Director Rob Carter. “Nothing excites anglers more than new tackle. And we will be giving them that fix every week in two ways – by delivering exclusive news from brands we know and also giving them the chance to win physical products.

Tacklestream Business Manager John Watson with just some of the lures lined up for the first prize draw for subscribing anglers in February.

“It’s an innovative approach to engaging anglers, who are now active more than ever online and across international boundaries. And it’s something only Angling International can deliver. No other media company has the reach amongst global brands to deliver exclusive content to this extent and sustain it every week to subscribers. If you are a brand owner or marketing manager you know your product information is in safe hands with our editors and will be packaged in a compelling way for readers.”

Added Carter: “The prize competitions open up a new avenue for creating a buzz around your products and getting them into the hands of anglers. Over the past year we have been developing the protocols for promoting competitions and conducting live draws on social media. Everything is in place and we will be holding the first draws in February for a year’s supply of lures from brands owned by PRADCO and for three custom-made carp rods made with American Tackle components. And we have more prizes lined up from big brands, who have been incredibly supportive.”

Carter added that the new service is a cost-effective way for brands to reach consumers. “The benefits to our advertisers are huge,” he said. “At a stroke, we will be promoting your big product launches on social media and your full ranges on our Tacklestream website. You simply need to provide the details.”

But it is the exclusive e-newsletters that take Tacklestream to a new level, says Carter. “They will be focused on sneak previews about new products under development, which means brands can create awareness many months in advance simply by working with us to tease out small pieces of information from inside the development process.

“It is information that already exists but has yet to be packaged and delivered to consumers. Do it right with our help over many weeks and you will have a fan-base more excited than ever to buy your products.”

Carter continued: “Angling International has long been your number one choice for trade marketing, and that will not change. In fact, there are package deals available for combining trade advertising with any products you offer as prizes for consumers. But what is changing is our reach – we are now a serious player in the consumer market with an innovative platform underpinned by the classic Angling International customer service. All we require is your partnership in creating content. We think this is a game-changer and we’re ready to hear from you.”

Promoting to consumers with Tacklestream

Your hero products and launches – Your most significant tackle news promoted on social media at no cost in 2022; always timed to your schedules for maximum global impact. Send your launch details to Tacklestream Business Manager John Watson

Your catalogue products – Listed on the Tacklestream website and searchable by anglers. Ideal for increasing brand awareness, particularly among consumers in new markets, again at no cost in 2022. Limited only by your ability to supply content. Enquire to Tacklestream Business Manager John Watson

Your next products – Our new weekly e-newsletters to anglers are all about sneak previews. Work with us to deliver ‘teasers’ to our subscribers about your new products in development and you will have an engaged customer base even more excited to buy when those products are released. Limited to Carp and Predator markets currently. Contact the Angling International editor to find out how we can create a buzz about your future products many months in advance.

Your products in the hands of consumers – The most cost-effective way to reach anglers is to offer your products as prizes in our weekly competitions. In return you will get promotions on our social media adverts, live draws and winners’ stories, plus the satisfaction of knowing our prize winners are spreading the word about your brand. Ask International Sales Director Rob Carter about minimum prize values and packages including discounts on advertising in Angling International.

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