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BKK: Spear-21 UVO Hook is a big hit in Europe


Award-winning hook maker BKK says that its Spear-21 UVO has become a ‘must-have’ among the freshwater lure angling community across Europe.

The company’s Giulio Bortolaso, told Angling International that the reasons for its popularity include:
• A wide range of sizes, making it suitable for perch, zander and pike;
• A combination of strength, light weight with excellent penetration;
• UV coating that makes it effective for dark water conditions;
• ‘Super cool’ looks

He added that BKK‘s Orange Ultra Violet (UV) paint delivers high contrast visibility and glows when there is UV light available in the water column. This makes it really effective when fishing in dark water and low-light conditions for a variety of freshwater predators throughout Europe.

It also features a round-bend hook and fine X1 wire that allows for a quick and deep penetration. Bortolaso added: “Our super strong, yet elastic carbon steel material helps to maintain the sharpness of the hook strike after strike and the accurately forged shank increases the strength by up to 20%, making it much more durable.

“Added to that, the moderate length of the hook shank allows it to be used with different types of baits including swimbaits, crankbaits, minnows and topwater baits.”

BKK’s M-series painting technology features a unique chemical polishing process that ensures a perfect coating. After heat treatment every hook is chemically polished and plated to obtain the best combination of sharpness and durability.

“After that they are covered in one layer of primer and two of paint, resulting in coloured hooks with maximum sheen and excellent saltwater corrosion and wear resistance.

“BKK has also redefined the standard of producing the perfect needle hook point by putting it through multiple rounds of grinding processes – the bigger the hook the more grinding is needed. This takes penetration, wear and bend resistance to a whole new level.”


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