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New Maxel Armory 25 and 35 monsters are revealed


Chinese reel manufacturer Maxel, which now has distribution in over 40 countries across the world, is introducing two new models for 2022.

It is adding the Armory 25 and Armory 35 to its portfolio – two larger sizes in its high-end series of round profile lever wind reels.

The company’s Frank Cheung, told Angling International: “In 2021 we launched the small size level wind Armory 15 and it received acclaim among anglers who enjoy slow and ultra-light jigging with thin PE lines. Due to its compact build, smooth gearing, drag performance and worry-free level wind function anglers were able to jig easily in any targeted water layer. On the new larger models we have retained the same outstanding features that have proved so popular on the Armory 15 as well as ensuring the strength and durability of the heavy-duty level wind system.”

Both models are designed for more line capacity and feature a high speed ratio of 6.2.1, 13 stainless steel bearings, +2 stainless steel one-way bearings paired with a lightweight aluminium oval-shaped handle knob for a comfortable and powerful grip.

The most innovative design on the new Armory reels is the patent-pending Maxel Integrated Lever Drag System, which is aimed at eliminating spool lock. Cheung explained: “On all other Maxel models, the drag lever mechanism contains three separate parts that include the drag adjustment lever, drag tension knob and drag cam. On the new Armory models they are part of one complete unit. This upgrade enables the spool shaft to connect more effectively with the drag lever. When the drag lever is in the Free position, the drag plate disengages with the spool smoothly even after a lengthy fight. This means the reel goes to zero drag without any drag force.

“The new system is a breakthrough when it comes to issues surrounding spool lock when a lure gets snagged between rocks. In addition the One-Piece Drag Lever delivers more precise drag adjustment as the setting position is more accurate. This is particularly useful when using ultra-thin braided line during slow pitch jigging and allows for more control and less breakages.”

Cheung added that the feel of the movement of the drag lever is greatly improved. “Anglers can feel the suction when moving the drag lever from higher to the Free position. The movement is easier and faster.”

To make it easier to take apart and assemble, Maxel has introduced a new pin system on the spool shaft, eliminating the need for attaching an ‘E’ type washer. Although louder, it also incorporates the same ‘Sound Plus+’ drag system as the Armory 15 so that anglers can hear the line as it is cast. You can hear the line going out when the drag is set ,but is silent on retrieve.

The Armory 25 is expected to be available for sale in early April, with the 35 in the shops a month later. Both reels come in right and left-hand models and various colours.


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