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Incoming German government hails achievements of anglers


The European Anglers Alliance (EAA) – the body that represents anglers across the region – has welcomed the recognition by the incoming German coalition government of the achievements of recreational fishermen for nature and species protection.

The EAA said that the government issued a positive message as it delivered its priorities and goals, in which it pledged to regulate gillnets in a way that is compatible with nature, while adding: “We recognise the contribution of anglers to nature conservation and species protection.” 

Deutscher Angelfischerverband e.V (DAFV), a member of the EAA, says that this recognition confirms that angling, after a long period of being conceived as a ‘marginal phenomenon’ has become a mainstream activity.

It adds: “In 2021 in Germany, a total of 6.64 million people went fishing at least once. Projected on the 70.54 million people over the age of 14 (who can have a fishing licence), this represents 9.4% of the German population.”

DAFV President, Klaus-Dieter Mau, also expressed his satisfaction with the news which finally recognises that fishing in Germany is ‘contemporary, sustainable and socially and economically important’.

“DAFV has pledged to continue to promote and communicate the health, social and economic benefits of angling despite the sport being disregarded in the past for its part in German nature conservation management.”

The outgoing German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also recently gave her backing to the sport when she addressed recreational fishing communities on German Fishing Day.

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