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EU lifts ban on fishing in areas of protected status


In a major boost for the fishing tackle industry and anglers in the region, the European Commission and Member States have abolished a ban on fishing in strictly protected areas.

The European Parliament has adopted the guide to the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy which, among other things, makes recommendations for the management of protected areas and highlights activities that are potentially compatible with the nature of strictly protected areas – including fishing.

It will now be up to each country to assess on an individual basis whether fishing is compatible in protected areas.

Torben Kaas, Chairman of the Danish Angling Association, told fishing website Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund: “We are incredibly happy that angling is by definition not banned in these areas. Fishing is in most cases compatible with taking good care of nature.

“It makes sense that there are now concrete assessments of the possibility of fishing in the individual areas. We will continue to fight for angling based on a professional assessment and we expect there to be good opportunities for fishing in strictly protected nature areas, but if it turns out that in specific locations angling disturbs it too much, we will hold back.

“Ever since a general ban come onto the scene in 2020, the Danish Sport Fishing Association has fought hard to have it changed – both nationally and at EU level. We have worked hard to ensure that we can continue to be allowed to fish in these areas as long as it does not significantly harm nature.

“We have done this in collaboration with the Danish Hunters’ Association and our umbrella organisation, the European Anglers Alliance (EAA). We are therefore very proud that we have succeeded in securing our common interests. The proposal was a serious threat to the practicing of our hobby so now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief.”

Picture: European Anglers Alliance

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