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Industry aids billfish tagging project in Indian Ocean


Charters skippers will be helping a major fishing charity in a tagging project off the coast of Kenya.

The country is better known for its animal safaris that draw tourists from across the world, but it also boasts an exciting offshore sport fishery centred around the western shores of the Indian Ocean. The village of Watamu is described as an offshore treasure of blue marlin, black marlin, swordfish and sailfish.

The Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation has purchased 300 conventional tags from the Billfish Foundation to be used in Kenyan waters to assist it in completing a survey into the habits of billfish in the Indian Ocean.

The marlin season is just beginning in Kenya and Captain Peter Darnborough, who charters The Alleycat out of Watamu, is helping the project by having tags on his boat and distributing them to skippers on other boats.  

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