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American Tackle backs youth fishing with new sponsorship


Award-winning US-based fishing rod component maker American Tackle has added to its ever-growing roster of athletes.

It has announced the sponsorship of the UCF Bass Knights fishing team, the collegiate anglers who compete in the MLF, Bass Nation College series and a host other tournaments. “We couldn’t help but support our local university and it is the perfect fit,” said American Tackle Marketing Manager Kevin Landers.

“We are proud to sponsor UCF Bass Knights and plan on continuing that support for many years. With as much as college fishing has grown, it was an easy decision. After talking to its President, Jackson Gill, we saw the opportunity to help our local college and also these young adults discover how amazing the fishing industry is.

“Many have expressed an interest in joining this industry after school so having them as sponsored athletes will help them see how the trade works. We look forward to seeing these young men do great things and allowing us to be part of their journey.”

American Tackle Marketing Manager, Kevin Landers, shakes hands with Jackson Gill, President of UCF Bass Knights.

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