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Eli Rosenberg: Good marketing requires non-conformity and aggression


Catch Co. has always approached new product marketing in a unique and innovative way in line with our unofficial company motto of ‘Do not conform’. The disruption and challenges associated with COVID have not changed our approach to product launch marketing and if anything has further cemented that approach. 

We have found that what resonates with consumers is a mix of engaging social content, high-quality videos, educational information about how best to use our products and targeted partnerships with a range of industry voices (including influencers).

Those tactics have been activated in a direct-to-consumer fashion that allows us to control the messaging and engage directly with anglers across the US. With more than two million engaged anglers in our social community, we are fortunate to have the scale that allows us to get that message in front of the right people at the right time.

Our robust mix of business lines, including the Mystery Tackle Box subscription service, the Karl’s Bait & Tackle e-commerce platform and our partnerships with national retailers, also allows us to quickly distribute large quantities of products to anglers.

In-person events are a great opportunity for us to bring our unique brands to life and give consumers and retail/industry professionals alike a chance to interact with our most exciting offerings and products. COVID has changed that dynamic, but we’re excited to return to certain shows in the future as the events industry continues to normalise. 

Given the aggressive pace of our new product launches in the past year and those we have planned for 2022, our approach has been more of a rolling launch cadence versus aligning launch timing to coincide with industry shows. With that said, events have been and will remain an impactful lever to amplify our new product launches.

Print media is one of those ‘what’s old is new again’ opportunities that we’re planning to make a bigger part of our media mix going forward. We tested print magazine advertising this summer and will be shipping out a holiday catalogue in November. There are a lot of opportunities to leverage print in 2022 to support our range of brands and new product launches and we are exploring how we can best leverage this unique medium.

Eli Rosenberg is Director PR & Media Partnerships at CatchCo

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