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Retailer says threats to systems eradicated following cyber attack


The UK’s largest retailer of fishing tackle said it has eradicated any threat to its systems following the cyber attack last week which left visitors to its website directed to a porn site.

In an update to the London Stock Exchange, Angling Direct confirmed it had regain control of its website and social media channels, but warned its homepage may take longer to update in some browsers and jurisdictions than others.

It added: “Investigations are continuing by our independent cyber security specialists to determine whether this incident has had any impact on any personal data and the company will inform any individuals impacted in line with our regulatory obligations should there be a need to do so.”

It reiterated that the company does not hold any customer financial data as its website transactions are handled by third parties.

“As work continues around the clock to bring our websites back online and resume trading, our 39 retail stores across the UK remain open and continue to trade.

“As matters currently stand, the Board remains of the view that this incident will not have a detrimental effect on underlying trading and the company will continue to assess any cost exposure that this incident may cause.”

Angling Direct added that the company continues to monitor its online environment very closely and has implemented additional reinforcements to its suite of security measures.

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