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Boatmaker reintroduces popular Fisherman series after 12 years


Lund Boats has reintroduced its popular Fisherman series after 12 years.

A fishing boat built for trolling big waters, the Fisherman has been brought back in response to customer feedback.

It retains its famous deep-V hull but now with a deeper deadrise and wider beam to help it cut through choppy waters more smoothly, says Lund, a Brunswick Corporation brand.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to reintroduce the Fisherman after all this time’ said Lund President, Lenn Scholz.

Designers, Dan Anonen and Rory Wiebe, say the new version is built for one thing – to handle big fish like salmon, trout and walleye in the Great Lakes and the Pacific Northwest, and striper in the Midwest and South.

“The 30 inch deep cockpit makes it incredible safe,” said Anonen. “It doesn’t just feel safe, it is safe. You’d have to try to fall out.”

The Fisherman has four cockpit seats and two fold-flat aft seats, three rod lockers for big trolling and casting set-ups, in-floor lockers and wide gunnels for downrigger mounting and storage. It is available in two models – the 1875 (18ft 10in) and the 2075 (20ft 10in).

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