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Former Beet Editor-in-Chief Pierre Bronsgeest dies aged 69


Pierre Bronsgeest, former Editor-in-Chief of Beet magazine in the Benelux, has passed away at the age of 69.

Here, fishing journalist Rudy van Duijnhoven pays tribute to his friend.

“He was a huge promoter of sportfishing in the Benelux and beyond. In his period as an Editor-in-Chief, from 1992 until 2015, he started numerous special projects and set new trends when it came to using colour in printed magazines. He was also the first to start with digital magazines for sportfishing wholesale companies, manufacturers and shop owners; with the introduction of videos of new products from the sportfishing industry for anglers.

“The King of Clubs fishing competitions in Ireland brought hundreds of competition anglers to the ‘green island’ and meant at the time – and this year too with the King’s Classic – a huge boost to the local economy.

“Under his leadership different kinds of special issues around specific methods of fishing were brought onto the market. He organised special awards for people who had been active in sportfishing. As an Editor-in-Chief he always fought for the interests of the editors within the publishing company. The editorial staff was – and is – like a club of friends who support each other at all times, good or bad; something that is of great value as the editorial work takes a lot of time and involves working in the evenings or during the weekends.

“Through the Foundation, The Fishing Dutchmen, Pierre made sure that numerous sick children could forget their worries along the waterside. The foundation also supported, with money and goods, an orphanage in Africa. This important initiative has ensured that a large number of orphans have been able find a secure home of their own.

“The Royal decoration that Pierre received not too long ago was a proper reward for his dedication to sportfishing in the Netherlands and at an international level. He will, without doubt, be sincerely missed in the coming years. The magazine wishes his family, colleagues and friends all the strength they need in the coming, difficult times.”

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