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German angler stunned by ‘mandarin’ catfish


Fishing a prototype lure for his German tackle sponsor, Angeldomäne, angler Martin Glatz boated this stunning what he describes as a ‘mandarin’ catfish.

The pro from Duisburg, Germany told Field & Stream magazine: “At first I was expecting a big pike. The fight was comparable to a large 47-inch pike. However, when I saw what colour it was, I panicked slightly and yelled at my brother for a net.”

Glatz brought the fish to the boat, snapped a couple of pictures while admiring its vivid yellow colouring and then released it in the hope it will grow ‘very big’.

The fish is a Wels catfish, which is the largest species of its kind that is native to Europe. The popular species can grow up to nine feet long and weigh in excess of 400lb. Standing out from the normal muted grey or brown catfish, it is thought Glatz’s catch was a leucitic catfish. Leucism results from a disease that affects the pigmentation in the skin.

Pictures courtesy of Martin Glatz

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