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NSW bowfishers given go-ahead to target ‘noxious’ pest carp


In a bid to eradicate the ‘noxious’ pest carp from its waters, bowfishers have been given the go-ahead to target the invasive species in New South Wales, Australia.

Fishing World, Australia’s leading media platform for the sport, reports that the region’s Minister of Agriculture, Adam Marshall, says that new rules and regulations will allow bowfishers to safely fish with specialised equipment in specific NSW waters to control pest populations. The move comes after extensive industry and community consultations.

“Carp are considered a noxious pest and remain the only species that may be taken using bowfishing equipment,” said Marshall. “This is a popular activity and bowfishers will now be allowed to target carp using an upright bow with a specialised arrow through a tethered line and reel. The fishing community asked the NSW Government to have a serious discussion about allowing bowfishing for carp and I am pleased to deliver this welcome news after the Department of Primary Industries conducted a public consultation.”

He added that a successful trial of bowfishing for carp had previously shown it could be safe, effective and provide economic benefits for rural and regional areas of NSW.

“The Trial Programme in 2016 and 2017 and its subsequent review identified that with the right regulation bowfishing is a safe and sustainable technique,” said Marshall.

Picture: courtesy of Fishing World

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