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13 Fishing takes on European waters with a technical saltwater rod range


It pushed the boundaries on the saltwater scene in the USA, and now 13 Fishing is intent on repeating those successes in Europe, starting with three rods of outstanding quality.

Known for its bold and intuitive designs, 13 Fishing has a strong history of introducing fishing gear that exceeds anglers’ expectations. Now, backed by Rapala VMC, the Florida company is ready to bring that instinctive performance onto the European saltwater scene with its new range of saltwater spinning rods: the Muse S, Omen S and Defy S. 13 Fishing is on a mission to redesign the sport of fishing. The means to realising that vision lies in intuitive design and uncompromised attention to detail. Developed for targeting species such as sea bass, barracuda, bluefish and other saltwater predators, the Muse S, Omen S and Defy S are three pro-angler-designed rod ranges jam-packed full of features.

“When targeting sea bass, for instance, you’ll need a great casting distance without compromising the fast action of the rod – which is easier said than done. And yet, the Muse S accomplishes that, thanks to the premium components and the technology used,” tells Raffaele Silipo, Rapala VMC’s European Rod Product Manager. “For instance, the lightweight high modulus graphite allows for nimble reactivity, while the Fuji guides offer unrivaled casting abilities.”

Hitting the right balance between muscle and flexibility is not an easy task. However, by coupling the 36-ton graphite used in both Muse S and Omen S with the Poly-Vector Graphite (PVG) technology, 13 Fishing was able to reach a remarkable level of sensitivity without sacrificing durability. “PVG is a smart technology,” says Silipo. “With it, you can strategically interlace the graphite. You’ll get a tighter composition of graphite in the rod, resulting in a strong yet sensitive rod with a well-balanced action.”

For maximum casting ability, both Muse S and Omen S feature Fuji A (K-frame) guides with alconite inserts to reduce friction and help anglers reach fish off into the distance. “When targeting species like bluefish or sea bass from the shore, you’ll need all the casting distance you can have. The longer models of the Muse S and Omen S offer exactly that,” Silipo says. “And 13 Fishing didn’t overlook the fact that some anglers prefer one-piece rods. That’s why the three shortest models of the Omen S feature a one-piece construction.

“Every product by 13 Fishing is designed to take on a challenge,” Silipo adds. “Out on the water, it’s just you and the elements. Situations can change fast, and you need to be prepared. And 13 Fishing knows that. With these rods, you won’t only be ready to face the challenges. You’ll be ready to overcome them – and come out as a winner.”

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