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Power-Pole: How we are coping with the ‘perfect storm’


Award-winning Power-Pole – the US-based fishing anchor supplier – has lifted the lid on its efforts to deal with the ‘perfect storm’ of challenges that has included navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, severely disrupted supply chains and a ‘massive’ increase in demand.

The company – part of the JL Marine group – says that the unique combination of challenges has made it very difficult to provide its customers with products as quickly as they are used to. Its Director of Operations, Mike Hoperich, said: “We are doing everything we can to remedy the backlog and delay issues without sacrificing the quality of our product and are taking a number of actions to mitigate the hardships.

“We have increased staff on our purchasing team to help expand our material acquisitions and keep a healthy amount of pressure on our partners to help us deliver products in a respectful amount of time.

“Thankfully, we have a longstanding and positive relationship with a majority of our partners which are mostly based within a 50-mile radius of our Tampa Bay facility. This strategy has been helpful in our time of need.

“We have chosen to prioritise the acquisition of materials despite price volatility in the market because we are committed to delivering products as soon as possible. We are currently buying in larger quantities further out in advance to help get us back on track and are striving to get back to normal in 2022.

“We know this has been a hard time for everyone in the fishing industry and are fully prepared to do everything in our power to make it right and stand by our customers 100% without question. Our number one priority is to provide a high-quality product without compromise and we shall continue to do so as we overcome the challenges ahead of us.”

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