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AFTA names Industry Recognition Award winner


In the absence of its Gala Dinner and Awards Night this year, the Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA) called on former Board member Ben Patrick of Halco Tackle to present its Industry Recognition Award.

The unanimous winner was Dr Andre Rowland, CEO of Recfishwest, the body that represents the interests of anglers in Western Australia.

Leyland Campbell, Recfishwest’s Operations Manager, said: “Over the last 12 to 18 months, Andrew has kept recreational fishing on the agenda at the executive level of Western Australia Government, protecting current fishing experiences and developing new ones. This has allowed the profile of our sport to be raised without relying on hitching our wagon to other sectors, such as tourism, which keeps us as masters of our own destiny.

“This achievement is even more impressive given the backdrop of a global pandemic and the reduced effectiveness of the Government agency responsible for managing fishing in recent years.”

Main picture (from left): Leyland Campbell (Recfishwest), Marco Orifici (Anglers Fishing World), Ben Patrick (Halco Tackle), Andrew Rowland, Tim Carter (Halco Tackle), Brian Marshall (Compleat Angler Nedlands)

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