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Gripping! New FlipRocks are heading your way!


FlipRocks are sandals with gripping soles and, if their developer’s vision comes true, they will soon be sold to anglers worldwide. Distributors are already in place in the USA, Australia, Japan and more. Could you be next?

The maker of the world’s first-ever sandals equipped with replaceable gripping soles is looking for international distributors. The FlipRocks footwear incorporates patented interchangeable gripping pads that have been built for all types of outdoor activities – including fishing. Its range includes sandals, flip flops, Neoprene boots and sliders that can all take the gripping pads.

Currently available in seven different designs, the Griptoenite gripping system has been designed to adapt to your environment and activity to provide the best possible traction and support.

Anthony Graffeo, CEO and Founder of FlipRocks Extreme Footwear, told Angling International that the sandals are ideal for fly, surf and jetty fishermen and those using a kayak. He said: “It is a great accessory for any type of tackle shop or big box store as you need specialised and safe footwear to actively enjoy the great outdoors. Versatility is a major benefit. You can wear our footwear to walk the dog and then simply change the out soles utilising our cleated patented Griptoenite gripping system when you hit the water.

“We currently have exclusive distribution in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Macao and are looking for similar agreements across the globe.”

The line-up of FlipRocks sandals currently comprises:

Timberline Perfect for everyday use, It is equipped with an aggressive tread design that is perfect for hiking or just running errands. These pads are extremely rugged and perform in rough terrain to protect your feet, yet are comfortable enough to wear just about everywhere.

Water Trekker Great option for fishermen who need sure footing, it boasts built-in stainless steel cleats and rubber bottoms to keep your footing on rugged trails and river crossings.

Marine Sportsman Made in a neutral colour gum rubber that doesn’t scuff or mark your boat, but has a firm grip with wave sipe tread for wet or dry conditions.

Kayaker Gripping pads feature a felt sole for keeping your balance and stability when walking across algae covered rocks or rugged coastlines. Ideal for getting a kayak into the water safely and exploring islands or fish jetties without worrying about falling on slippery rocks.

River Master For owning the river or jetty and allowing anglers to concentrate on their presentation and not their footing. It combines the best of both worlds – slime gripping felt and the superior traction of high-grade stainless steel spikes. Perfect for wading in rivers or walking jetties.

G-Rex The most aggressive Griptoenite grip to date. Created for maximum traction in the most demanding environments. It features a combination of extra tall and tough stainless steel spikes along with slime-gripping felt. The maker says it was challenged by surfcasting friends to design a tread that would tackle rockweed on rocky seashores while fishing for striped bass.

The Gopher Go from the river right to the golf course without missing a step. The Gopher Griptoenite gripping pad features 10 soft golf cleats that are clubhouse approved.

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