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First look! Shimano lifts the lid on ‘game changing’ Aero Technium MgS


It casts far, it casts accurately, weighs less than a can of beans and has the power to stop a bolting carp. And if Shimano is right about its new Aero Technium MgS  – launched tomorrow – it is a true game changer among fishing reels.

The Japanese company immodestly claims to have re-imagined the future of ultra long-range reels by combining for the first time a radical new spool design with its world-renowned Super Slow 10 Oscillation. Add an AR-C spool lip and a parallel body design and a new 45mm Long Stroke Casting Spool that increases the spool’s surface area by an amazing 30% when compared to previous models, and it’s a claim not easily disputed.

Here is a unique piece of engineering designed to minimise line friction and achieve the ultimate casting performance.

Faster and longer As the name implies, Shimano has used ultra-lightweight magnesium for the sleek HAGANE body to minimise overall weight. As a result, faster rod speeds can now be generated for extreme long-range casts, which in turn increase lead speed at the point of release. And if all this wasn’t enough, Shimano has redesigned the main spool shaft to minimise any possible deflection under extreme load. The new Rigid Cast feature helps to optimise the timing of the line release and reduces friction-generating spool vibration.

What makes it so accurate? Of course, nothing compensates for a less than perfect casting technique, but by improving distance casting potential and minimising weight, Shimano has improved casting accuracy. Less effort means more precision, more control and improved technique, enabling the user to hit the correct spot time and time again with the accuracy of a top marksman.  

What’s inside that impossibly slim body? Hidden inside is a cluster of gearing technology that combines to produce an ultra-smooth, ultra-efficient winding performance. Key to this is Shimano’s Silent Drive, a complete refinement of all internal components around the wormshaft gearing, producing a whisper-quiet, silky-smooth operation, even under extreme pressure. It’s so smooth, if you weren’t actually turning the handle you might not realise the reel was actually moving.

Where does the power come from? To further enhance the winding performance, the very latest Infinity Drive has been incorporated into the gearing. This complements the HAGANE precision gearing and X-Ship technology to reduce internal friction, reduce rotational resistance, increase winding torque and generate more power and efficiency, even under heavy loads. While this reel might be Shimano’s ultimate casting machine, it’s certainly not short on power and control.

What about the drag? For practicality and versatility, the Aero Technium MgS is fitted with the latest Hi-Speed Drag. This can be changed from almost no resistance (freespool), to maximum power (fish-playing) with only one turn of the adjustment knob located on the front of the spool, making it perfect for carp anglers fishing bolt rigs. The drag also incorporates Cross Carbon Washers and a micro adjustable clicker, which provide a smooth release of line for full control over the fish when you need it most. And because the line is laid so smoothly and closely together on the spool, there is minimal bedding in, which means it releases without the juddering of lesser quality big-spooled reels. Another advantage of the Hi-Speed Drag is that the spool can easily be locked solid by a simple twist of the front drag knob, preventing any spool slippage on maximum power casts. This is great for both surfcasters and carp anglers.

What’s the thinking behind the super slim handle? That’s another first. The handle winds directly into the gear of the reel, resulting in zero play and more direct control. Plus, after customer suggestions for a folding handle that could be secured neatly for efficient and safe transport, it has a hinged design. A few quick turns enable it to be folded next to the body. It shows Shimano has been listening.

Sounds like no corners have been cut? Correct. A matching spare spool is supplied and, to aid efficient line loading, three spool reducers are supplied in 3500, 6000 and 10000 sizes. These fit securely onto the spool, work perfectly with braid, mono and fluorocarbon lines and reduce the line capacity, enabling you to load exactly the correct amount of line required. An interesting fact is that the spool reducers are so light they actually weigh less than the line they compensate for.

What colours are available? Black (STD) and liquid metal (XSD).

And how much will it cost? If you want Shimano’s class-leading, super-sleek, incredibly long-range supermodel, it will cost you a cool €719.95.

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