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Angling International to reach consumers in ‘big way’ in 2022


Angling International is shifting focus to add consumers to the mix in a ‘big way’ in 2022.

The move reflects a change in emphasis amongst advertising brands who are embracing direct digital marketing to anglers, says Angling International founder and owner, Rob Carter. And it will mean a whole new level of advertising opportunities for brands seeking to directly promote their tackle to consumers around the world.

Says Carter: “Angling International has long been the number one choice amongst brands for their global trade marketing, but the COVID lockdowns have accelerated the trend for those brands to promote tackle directly to consumers online. We are determined to reflect that trend by showcasing tackle to anglers on social media and our own Tacklestream platform.

“We have the capacity to connect with anglers in a big way because social media thrives on content and we have the connections and the resources to present a huge amount of fishing tackle content from all over the world. And with this new audience of anglers on board it means our advertisers will be able to work with the portfolio of Angling International platforms to influence their customers all the way down the supply chain, from distributors to retailers to end-consumers. Working with Angling International in 2022 will be a one-stop shop.”

Angling International’s reach amongst anglers has been growing since the start of the year when investment was earmarked and plans were accelerated. “We have been increasing our Facebook audience by around 5,000 followers a month since January and, with a global audience of tackle-hungry anglers to aim at, the sky is the limit,” adds Carter.

“You have to remember we were starting from a place where no anglers were aware of the brand because it was trade-only. So to attract this many anglers already suggests we can achieve huge numbers as we enter 2022. Numbers we can put in front of our advertising customers whenever they are ready to promote their new tackle to consumers.”

In charge of Angling International’s digital content is John Watson, who has set out a strategy to work with brands to best present their products to anglers. Says Watson: “We are ready to take your product details and images and showcase them to our global followers. But social media demands original content, so I am now seeking your products in my hand for my new video segment explaining why you have brought them to market and who they are aimed at.

“Anglers want to be informed about the thinking behind the products on the shelves, so they can make better decisions and also because, as fans, they like that extra level of knowledge. Thanks to our unique connections to our advertisers in the trade, our video presentations can take anglers inside tackle with a level of market knowledge no other media can touch.”

Watson also revealed plans to roll-out content across other social media platforms. “Facebook and the Inside Tackle videos are just the start. We know consumers interact across numerous platforms, so we plan to reach them via YouTube and Instagram too. And don’t forget Tacklestream, our bespoke platform for showcasing tackle. The capacity is there for showing entire catalogues, not just new launches.

“We will be directing our new audience of anglers to Tacklestream in huge numbers and we expect them to stick around for hours browsing for tackle from famous brands and from brands they may never have encountered before. The connections we can make between suppliers and consumers are almost limitless.”

How it works

Your new launches: Pictures and details showcased on social media, but you can now go further and send your products for our new Inside Tackle videos, giving anglers real insight into the design process and why they should buy.

Your ranges of tackle: Ask about uploading ranges of tackle to Tacklestream where retailers can make direct enquiries using password clearance and anglers can browse for inspiration.

Your trade marketing: Use Angling International like always to reach distributors, retailers and influential editors; with your edits repeated on the best global trade news website.

• Your trade news: Stay front of mind with your trade customers by having your news added to our weekly e-newsletters; also the perfect place for your job ads.

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