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Mindblowing, different, a real must-have!


That’s Lunkerhunt’s description of its new Boshi Blade. Clearly  the Canadian tackle company believes it is onto something really special with the new hardbait it unwrapped at ICAST.

The new Boshi Blade was carefully kept under wraps until being officially unveiled at ICAST, where it featured in the New Product Showcase and provoked huge interest among visiting dealers and media.

The under-spin hardbait has a profile and action ‘like you have never seen before,’ says an effusive Ken Boyd, Brand Manager for Lunkerhunt. “Our design team have again outdone themselves with a cutting-edge lure that every angler will want. We are so excited by this all-new launch. As an angler myself, I believe it is going to blow the minds of people who try it.”

Measuring 4.3 inches and weighing 5/8 of an ounce, this floating lure can be jerked down to six feet to imitate the erratic action of a fleeing baitfish.

Alternatively, it can be cast and retrieved, which provides a wobbling action from the main body. There is also an enticing flash from an under-mounted spinner made from foil-coated plastic to achieve the perfect balance and weighting.

The Boshi Blade also incorporates a weight transfer system and is rigged with a size four short shank treble at the front and a standard size four on the tail.


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