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Tagging to start after Bluefin tuna return to Danish waters


Denmark’s Institute of Natural Resources (Aqua DTU) will begin a Bluefin tuna tagging programme later this month.

After an absence of half a century, the species is back in Danish waters and the initiative aims to follow the development of the stock. The programme has the backing of both the Crown Prince and the Minister of Fisheries, Rasmus Prehn, who will be present at Skagen Harbour on Monday (August 23rd) along with a team of researchers and up to 150 volunteers.

“This is nothing short of fantastic that Bluefin tuna have returned to our waters after more than 50 years,” said Prehn. “Now we must ensure that we preserve the tuna stock by gathering as much knowledge about their movements as possible. With research we can help secure the stock in the future.”

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