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Fishing’s Future

How Australia’s top tackle chain is doing its bit for recycling


Australia’s leading fishing tackle supplier is taking part in an industry first recycling pilot scheme.

BCF – Boating, Camping Fishing – stores are opening their doors for recreational fishermen to bring in their old, unwanted or recovered tackle and dispose of it in purpose-built Rig Recycle bins, reports Fishing World, Australia’s leading magazine for the sport.

BCF has partnered with fishing conservation charity, OzFish and the Tangaroa Blue Foundation in the initiative that was launched earlier this month.

Heidi Tait, CEO of Tangaroa Blue Foundation, said: “Data from our Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database (AMDI) shows that monofilament line makes it into the top 10 items found during clean-up events. With an average of 125 metres of fishing line recovered during every AMDI clean-up, this project stands to have a significant impact in reducing waterway pollution from fishing gear and reducing waste sent to landfill.”

“BCF is thrilled to be involved in this innovative trial where we offer our customers an option to reduce the impact of our own industry on the planet,” said BCF Managing Director, Paul Bradshaw.

“OzFish is a sustainability trailblazer and the projects it is leading have a tangible effect on our nation’s waterways. I believe our customers will support it and we then to hope to roll it out to the rest of the country.”

Nine BCF stores across Queensland and two in Western Australia are the first to have the bins installed, with the potential for more to be announced soon.

The Rig Recycle bin will take monofilament line, plastic spools, hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures, jigheads and floats.

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