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Hall destroyed by fire at EFTTEX 2022 venue


The venue for next year’s EFTTEX was hit by fire last month which destroyed 10,000 sqm of Hall One at the PVA Expo Prague.

Local media reports that, thanks to the security systems installed at the venue and the rapid intervention of firefighters, no one was injured and damage was minimised, although early estimates say the cost of repairs could amount to CZK 150m (€5.9m). The fire broke out at a location where an outdoor exhibition was taking place.

The fire comes as the Czech Republic announced the easing of restrictions which now allows ‘mass’ events and trade shows to recommence. Organisers of shows can now use up to 75% of the capacity of the venue, but must continue to adhere to strict health and safety protocols.

This year’s EFTTEX, which was due to be staged at the location, was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, with the 2022 event scheduled to be held there in June.

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