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Zoom Bait hits out at ‘crazy’ rumours about its demise


Zoom Bait has flatly denied the ‘crazy’ rumours that it says have been spreading since the start of the year.

In a message to the trade headed ‘Let’s Set the Record Straight’ the soft plastics brand tackles the rumours one by one.

“Is Zoom for sale? Definitely not.

Did the Zoom factory burn down? No.

Are we going out of business? Absolutely not.”

The email, signed by the company’s co-owners, Eddie Chambers Jr, CEO, and Kym Chambers, CFO, goes on to say that business is as strong as ever. “We’ve heard the rumours, we‘ve read the internet chatter and we are here to set the record straight. While the global pandemic that shook the world in 2020 changed everything in the short-term, going forward we expect to be stronger than ever.

“Yes, it’s true, inventory has been low in recent months, mainly due to supply chain and raw material shortages that many manufacturers are experiencing now. We know that it is frustrating when you go to a store looking for your favourite Brush Hog colour and can’t find it anywhereBut please know that our manufacturing is running at full capacity. We are excited about what the future holds for Zoom and will continue to produce and sell the greatest soft plastics available.”

Zoom has been family-owned and operated since the company was launched in 1977.

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