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Tigress issues timely reminder to ICAST visitors


Tigress is reminding visitors to this week’s ICAST that they ‘don’t just make the world’s best outriggers, we make the best rigging components too’.

The Gainsville, Georgia, company is referring to the Tigress Pro Series Rigging Kits designed to take the guesswork out of outfitting centre, single, double or triple outriggers with high quality components built to withstand the salt environment.

One convenient purchase gives anglers everything they need to get the most out of their outriggers, so they can spend more time fishing and less time catching,” says the company.

Each kit is composed of 400lb test LP blue outrigger monofilament, which is pliable enough to work with but tough enough to endure the rigours of tournament fishing.

Tigress release clips are included in each kit, which adjusts for subtle bites or can be cranked up to keep baits connected in a heavy sea.

Tigress locking halyards keep baits where they need to be to catch fish, but retract when it’s time to change it up. High quality 1 ¼” black stops, crimps, stainless steel teaser rings and snap-lock swivels round out the components.

Further information about the Pro Centre Rigging Kit, The Pro Series Single Rigging Kit, the Pro series Double Rigging Kit and the Pro series Triple Rigging Kit can be found at www.tigressoutriggers.com, or visitors to ICAST can visit the company’s booth (3833).

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