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Dealers at ICAST warned to expect ‘crazy’ interest in new Savage Gear reels


US dealers will be getting their first look at Savage Gear’s first ever range of reels when ICAST opens its doors on Wednesday – and the big reveal will come with a warning: if early interest from anglers is any indication, expect a wave of sales enquiries once deliveries start.

The brand’s owner, Svendsen Sport, took competitors by complete surprise by announcing its move into the reels market last month and has since launched a social media blitz to tease consumers about its plans. The campaign, which is said to be the biggest in the company’s history and stretches across the EU, the USA and Australia, generated a month’s worth of online impressions in just its first two days.

The reels are deliberately kept a secret in the online videos of the campaign, which feature angling celebrities checking a mystery item in a suitcase. But the reaction has prompted this warning from Director of Product, Purchase and Marketing Thomas Sanotra: “It has been crazy. In just two days we have proved there is a huge appetite around the world for any new product from Savage Gear. We know that when we reveal to anglers that those suitcases contain brand new reels ready for launch, it will go crazier still.”

The flagship reels in the new range being unveiled at ICAST include the SG 8 (above) – a stunning example, says Savage Gear, of how it has built its reels from scratch with nothing ‘off-the-shelf’. It is said to be a feature-packed monster made with strong, stiff and a lightweight Carbon Reinforced Composite (CRC) body and rotor. It is long-lasting, thanks to a sealed Friction Control drag system that uses carbon fibre washers for ‘unrivalled’ stiffness, smoothness and fish-stopping power.

An impressive 10+1 stainless steel bearings – including two Japanese ones – ensure reliable performance even under heavy use. It also has many characteristics that make it a pleasure to use, says Sanotra, including T-shaped line grip, a non-slip spool, which eliminates the need to use mono backing, and an ergonomic EVA handle.

The range also includes saltwater reels, and these are headed up by the hard-battling SG 8S which has a real ace up its sleeve, says Sanotra – the ground-breaking SRC500 coating which has changed the face of corrosion resistance. The unique coating has withstood 500 hours of being sprayed with saltwater in testing. The reel’s water resistance is enhanced further with sealed 8+1 steel ball bearings, a sealed drag system and a lightweight and strong Carbon Reinforced Composite rotor.

Being able to withstand the onslaught of saltwater isn’t its only quality. It also features Svendsen’s Friction Control System three-drag, which houses washers made in a three-layer design – a fibreglass layer with a carbon fibre layer on either side. This gives the washers unrivalled stiffness, resulting in an ultra-smooth and powerful fish-stopping drag. It also means it can be flipped over and used on either side to extend the lifespan.

The powerful marketing effort in support of the launch extends to delivering huge impact in-store too. Says Sanotra: “We have developed an array of eye-catching and strongly branded displays, pop-ups and posters. There will be no ignoring the new Savage Gear reels in the shops.”

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