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‘Fastest’ spincast reel tops Anything Possible ICAST launches


Top of the list of new products being unveiled at ICAST by Anything Possible brands is what the Oklahoma company claims to be the fastest spincast reel in the marketplace.

The ProFISHiency Sniper Spincast reel has a 6.5:1 gear ratio and retrieves 31 inches of line per turn of the handle. This enables the angler to work any bait at any speed and the pace of retrieve creates more fishing time.

“As well as being super fast, the Sniper is unlike any other reel in looks and performance,” said Communications Executive Darren Cole. “It captures the best features of a spincast reel and merges them with the favourite features of a baitcast reel.”

Combos, popular with the new influx of anglers in the US, are currently all the rage and ProFISHiency will be introducing two new models at the big Orlando trade show.

The brand’s Krazy Baitcast Combo has ‘changed the look of fishing’ with its eye-catching colour scheme of hi-vis peach, yellow, turquoise and orange on the reel’s graphite frame and sideplates. with rod colours matched to the reel. Both versions – 7ft 2in and 7ft 6in – feature a Fuji reel seat, split cork handle and Sea Guide guides.

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