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Line OEM Ockert: our factory proves we are a leader in green production


In a world where green products matter, how can you be sure your suppliers are playing their part? In the lines sector, German OEM manufacturer Ockert promises a world-leading production facility that leaves nothing to chance.

Ockert has been aware of its green responsibilities from almost its inception over 75 years ago. Its Export Manager, Christian Rademann, says that in recent years many companies have been driven to ‘go green’ as consumers are have become more aware of the precarious state of the environment and have started demanding greener products.

“It is a trend that we have identified recently with brands being encouraged to introduce green products. And a lot of these projects would not be realised without the active support of suppliers. However, for a product manager this presents a challenge that requires courage, investment and – most importantly – dedicated research. There are hundreds of suppliers out there and the search to identify the right one for your product already takes time. Adding ‘green skills’ on top of your search profile complicates the whole process and will not happen without a priority commitment by the management.”

Ockert’s passion for taking care of the environment is underlined by its factory location in Germany, where it operates in an environment that boasts one of the best drinking water resources in the entire country. “You can drink from the river,” says Rademann. “We produce and dye braid in a recreational SPA area instead of an industrial region. None of our production processes have any effect whatsoever on the environment. The factory is sealed so that nothing is released outside, and it is all in a closed circle where waste goes back into the production process.

“We run the only facility in the world which uses a colouration and finishing process with no impact on the outside world. It is completely clean. All solvents used are water-based instead of contaminating chemicals. The process was invented by a group of highly qualified engineers and scientists working on a benchmark German manufacturing project.

“If your brand is committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible and wants to sell fishing line across Europe you have no alternative but to choose Ockert as your supplier. You will not get higher quality green products anywhere else.”

Rademann believes that the tackle industry is far from a position where it could be satisfied with its green achievements. “The big steps are still in front of all of us and it will require focus and dedication to take them. I appreciate and like the fact that more and more recycled plastics are used because that is a step in the right direction, but on an evolution-of-man scale that is not the end game. It is still plastic and does not decompose. We do actually offer alternative materials such as biodegradable plastic to make spools designed to your own specification. Instead of having a plastic container holding the line they are made from a material that totally decomposes and also leave less than a 50% carbon footprint in their creation compared to classic plastic.

“The concept of being a green business is not just about today. Ockert is a service provider and our customers decide their product requirements. However, we are the place where they can implement and realise their green strategy from sourcing to manufacturing, packaging, logistics and sales impact. We support the entire lifecycle of green production.”

Situated in a spa area of Germany, Ockert’s production facility adheres to the strictest production standards anywhere on the planet.

Being located in the centre of Europe means that products can be delivered quickly and efficiently across the region and do not have to undergo a carbon footprint-busting journey of 10,000 miles or more from manufacturing facilities based in the likes of China and India. Shipping from Europe compared to Asia reduces the carbon footprint by 67%.

In Germany Ockert uses atttactive pricing to encourage its retailers to buy bulk spools of line and re-spool to customers’ fishing reels. It has been calculated that if sold separately, the spools needed every year would be 20 times higher than the Eiffel Tower and the cardboard packaging used would be two times higher than London’s Big Ben. “If you apply selling larger spools to shops for re-spooling across all brands in Europe, the US, or even on a global level, it becomes a highly effective way to spare hundreds of tons of plastic. The discounts offered to retailers to do this is an investment that benefits everyone – consumers, your business and the planet,” says Rademann. “If you need outstanding fishing lines and are determined and willing to do something for our environment, then get in touch with us.”

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