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American Tackle in hunt for more awards with Black Titan


Award-winning American Tackle is on the hunt for more accolades at ICAST next month.

The Florida supplier of rod building components has won prizes across the globe for its products and is hoping the Black Titan solid titanium Virtus Xtra Heavy Duty boxed guide set will continue the tradition.

Features include:
• Totally new original guide designs by American Tackle;
• Elevated ring locations for clearing line from grips, better stress distribution and preventing the line from touching blanks;
• 100% corrosion–proof solid titanium frames; 
• Complete six guide set offered in the industry’s only true ‘Black Titanium’ frames option;
• Designed for line ranging from 50# to 200#+Unlimited;
• Protective RingLock frame style with broad and sturdy thick gauge design with crush-proof vector-angle crease forward leg;
• Wide-foot design for greater lateral stability; 
• Utilising smooth braided line / monofilament / fluorocarbon proof Nanolite rings.


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