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St. Croix set to unveil ‘tough’ ice rods at ICAST


St. Croix can always be relied upon to spring some exciting new rods on visiting retailers and media at ICAST. And this year will be no different.

The Tundra series of ice rods from the Wisconsin brand is a result of its learning from the Croix Custom Ice (CCI) range along with feedback from expert ice anglers. This all-new, mid price, semi-custom range of nine rods is as tough as the frozen landscape from which it takes its name, says the manufacturer. Coming within a retail price range of $100 to $130, the selection ranges from 26 inches to 36 inches. The nine spinning models offer light to medium-heavy power in fast and extra-fast actions.

The extra-fast action, light-power Tundra models are made from solid glass blanks with supple, hi-vis strike-indicating tips, while the fast action, medium-light through medium-heavy models are built on powerful Precision-Taper solid carbon blanks. All Tundra blanks are matt finished in new Glacial Gray.

Handles are customised by model. Light and medium-light Tundras have premium cork split-grip handles, and medium and medium-heavy power models are equipped with premium full-cork handles. With the exception of the medium-heavy rod, which includes a SeaGuide NPS reel seat, all other Tundra ice rods are designed without reel seats to allow choice of reel placement. Each rod features a REC Recoil stripper guide and SeaGuide light-wire running guides to reduce the surface area susceptible to ice build up. The SeaGuide stainless steel tip-tops have a slick PVD coating.

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