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Mikado: ‘Tungsten is a clear and significant step forward in the quest to be lead-free’


With the wellbeing of the environment firmly in mind, Polish tackle supplier Abramis – owner of the Mikado brand – has introduced a range of lead-free feeders and accessories to its range this season.

Mikado Product Manager Jakub Fiećko told Angling International: “The use of tungsten is not only an ecological advancement, it is a clear and significant step forward. It increases effectiveness and allows us to develop more sophisticated and sensitive rigs to enjoy greater results while also protecting the environment. I hope more anglers will start choosing lead-free products as that will significantly improve the quality of our water and allow us to enjoy the great sport of fishing for years to come.”

Jaws Cheburashas

The first of Mikado’s tungsten-made products are the JAWS Cheburashas (above), which are described as perfectly shaped weights which are fitted with lure mounting wire. Virtually 100% recyclable, they have a clearly visible weight marking that will not oxidate or vanish during its lifespan. The wire within the Cheburashas enables multiple lure changes, while the rigidity of the tungsten – alongside its hardness – makes it extremely durable. The volume of the weight is much lower than lead, which significantly reduces drag while casting. This directly translates into a more natural lure action and increased casting range.

Tungsten Bullet (main image)

Another example of the practical application of tungsten in spinning fishing are the bullet-shaped weights designed for Carolina or Texas applications. Their aerodynamic nature, small size and polished shape allows them to cast further than lead bullets and the gap inside the weight of the jaw prevents the line being damaged.

Tungsten Spikes

Large silicon lures are becoming more popular and to ensure their action is as it should be, proper stabilsation has to be provided. This can be achieved with the Mikado Tungsten Spike. It works well when a small tweak to the action of the lure is needed. An additional weight close to the head or tail can dramatically change to action of the bait to better suit the conditions.

Tungsten Putty

In the carp section of the Mikado catalogue, there is also a tungsten addition – a mouldable weighted mass that can be formed by hand and used on any part of the rig. Because of the high density of the mass, the rigs look more natural and do not alert fish. The additional weight also allows it to stay on the bottom, increasing the number of bites from larger fish.

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