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Sébile classic returns to ICAST under Berkley brand


The original Magic Swimmer, created by Patrick Sébile, was one of the most popular lures to come to market in a decade. Now the undulating, jointed bait is set to make a return at this month’s ICAST.

The Magic Swimmer has been relaunched under the Berkley brand, part of the Pure Fishing business that purchased Sébile in 2011.

The Berkley Magic Swimmer presents a natural swimming action and has attracted all kinds of fish in different types of water, making it a big hit worldwide. The lure features a tapered nose, humped back and is armed with two upgraded Fusion 19 treble hooks. It is available in hard and soft versions and in floating, sinking and fast sinking models that can be either cast or trolled.

The Berkley Magic Swimmer comes in seven sizes and 15 colours – American Shad, Ayu, Blue Dark Sardine, Bunker, Chrome/Chartreuse, Fire Tiger Gold, Ghostescent, Golden Goggle Eye, Green Mackerel, Greenback Ghost, Holo Greenie, Natural Golden Shiner, Natural Shiner, Silver Mullet and White Liner.

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