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Line maker Gruppo puts eco spools at the heart of its green strategy


Packaging and spools are helping make a difference, but it’s a quick degrading material that is central to a push to be more environmentally-friendly by the cover advertiser of the Angling International Green Issue.

Top Italian OEM company Gruppo DP believes that an environmentally-friendly work ethic is something that can no longer be overlooked by businesses. It says that its working practices, which include programmes aimed at limiting waste materials and harmful production processes, have been in operation for some years at its offices and manufacturing units.

Improving its eco-friendly approach is one of Gruppo’s goals and it has recently started work on developing green packaging and eco spools. “We are mainly focusing on materials such as PLA, which in itself is not biodegradable, but becomes so following hydrolysis at a temperature of more than 60°C and humidity of greater than 20%,” explained the company. “Common plastics have an average lifespan of anything from 100 years to 1,000. PLA, on the other hand, has a much shorter biodegradable time. Depending on the environment it ranges between one and four years.”

Gruppo has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of lines and makes a wide range of monofilaments for many specific techniques, including trout, carp, boat and fly fishing. Its active R&D team launch at least three to four products each year and is also on hand to develop customised line for customers.

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