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Seeking a reliable and ‘green’ supplier in Europe? Try the Stucki brand portfolio


The Angling International Green Issue is celebrating environmentally-friendly suppliers. And European distributors should look no further than Switzerland’s premier tackle maker, which is taking action across its range of weights and soft lures.

Switzerland’s largest supplier of fishing tackle is set to underline its green credentials with a number of initiatives in the next 12 months. For next season, Robert Glardon SA – owner of the Stucki brands – will have:
• A wide assortment of lead-free alternatives on most of its weights;    
• Packaging which is mostly made of recycled plastic, bio plastic or cardboard;
• And soft lures made of biodegradable material where possible.
It will also ship products by boat or train, reducing air freight to a minimum where possible. The company’s Stefano Conradin said: “Our current focus is to reduce the use of lead and ensure our packaging is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

“In our facility in Switzerland we try to ensure that the best quality local components are used and that transportation is minimal. Our products are also designed to last for at least a generation and we stock an array of spare parts. It is important that we take care of our natural environment and look at greener methods of production. Businesses are also being pushed in that direction as demand from the end-user for greener products and an increase in legislation will force us all to finally take action.”

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