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Rod OEM owner: ‘There are now heavy penalties for Chinese businesses’


The Chinese Government is pushing ‘greener’ policies, but rod manufacturer Weihai Hanhigh – featured in the Angling International Green Issue – has been following Western market trends for longer.

Weihai Hanhigh owner Wang Qian Gang (pictured) told Angling International: “The Chinese Government is becoming increasingly strict on the implementation of measures to protect the environment and it is a policy that is only going to get tougher. There are heavy penalties for Chinese businesses that do not meet the new requirements.”

He added that Weihai Hanhigh began looking at its production methods nearly five years ago as it sought to become an ‘green’ producer. During the last few years, Weihai Hanhigh has: 
• Invested in a tail gas system that ensures all emissions are cleaned before entering public space;
• Installed a water treatment system so that polluted discharge is cleaned;
• Converted its heating system from coal to gas.
• For the last ten years used environmentally-friendly paint on its rods.

Mr Wang added: “The aim is to discharge as little pollution as possible and introduce environmentally-friendly products in recyclable packaging. Awareness of protecting the environment is growing strongly across the globe and more and more countries – especially in Europe – are looking for suppliers of ‘green’ products. As a manufacturer we have to adapt to the needs of the market.”

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