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Normark UK heading for inaugural Sea Fishing Classic


Rapala VMC Corporation, Storm and 13 Fishing are supporting a new sea angling event off the UK coastline.

Lure manufacturing giant Rapala. along with sister predator brands Storm and 13 Fishing, are heading to this year’s brand-new Sea Fishing Classic.

The brands, distributed by Normark UK, are supporting what is set to be the biggest recreational boat sea fishing competition in the UK. The event is being organised by Angling Spirit, which also runs the World Predator and Carp Classic events. The media invitational launch will be taking place on July 23rd to 25th this year on the South Coast of the UK.

But the initiative is much more than simply a sea fishing competition. Throughout the three days of the event there will be a major emphasis on conservation and the environment, with daily beach clean-ups and a focus on the importance of the Solent’s flora and fauna, including its native seagrass.

The brands have put their backing to the event by offering thousands of pounds’ worth of top tackle in what is gearing up to be a generous prize pot. 

Daryl Hodges, Head of Marketing for Normark UK, said: “Excitement is really ramping up for what looks set to be a fantastic event. We have already supported and worked closely with some of Angling Spirit’s other events and this one looks set to raise the bar. There are very few big sea fishing events in the UK so with saltwater fishing enjoying somewhat of a boom at the moment it’s great to have something on the calendar for those anglers to look forward to.”

There will also be a number of activities for junior anglers during the weekend, including coaching sessions and competitions, something which Normark UK strongly supports.

The inaugural event will be in July next year when up to 400 boats and 1,500 anglers will be competing for the biggest prize table in UK boat angling history.

Hodges added: “It’s great that the event is also about supporting the next generation of anglers coming through with competitions and coaching, giving youngsters a taste of a style of fishing they probably wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do. I am really looking forward to seeing what it’s all about and where it can go in future years.”

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